Do you wish your life was more adventurous?

Front view of a kayak in a beautiful turquoise lagoon in the Philippines.

Yesterday I touched upon making comparisons with autistic children… But making comparisons isn’t something unique to parents and carers with autistic children. It’s something all parents do… In fact I think it’s something all people do on some level. Think about it… You’re in the gym working out, when a slimmer, more toned women goes…

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Are the French really romantic?


Have you ever heard someone say… Rich people are greedy. Men are strong. Women are emotional. Blondes are unintelligent. Teenagers rebel. British people eat sones & drink tea. Americans are obese. The French are romantic. Asians are the most clever. These are all common stereotypes we are told in life. All completely ridiculous. Over the…

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Whilst at a festive dinner party…


Around this time last year I went to a dinner party… There were 9 of us, all friends and family sat around a big table over indulging in delicious festive food and drink. (One of my favourite things to do, ever!) This particular event stuck in my memory and heres why… Whilst I was there…

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The one thing you have to know


Years ago I worked for an agency providing cover work for special schools and ASD units. It was pretty stressful for someone who likes to be organised like me. I basically got up and got ready for work every morning with no clue where I’d work or who I’d be working with. I’d get a…

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An irresistible distraction


Do you remember having hiccups as a child and your sibling or your friend jumping out at you to ‘scare them away?’ Or maybe once you hurt your leg and someone told you to hit the other leg to distract the pain. Both concepts are pretty weird right?… But never the less both things can…

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Lumps, bumps and stretch marks


I was really brave this week. Brave for two reasons… Firstly, because I went on a spa day and left my son for the first time for a 7 hour stretch. Secondly, because while at the spa I wore a bikini for the first time since having my son. Eek! Both decisions I was worrying…

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‘Tis the season to be accepting


Since when did we have to do something on everyone else’s terms? At Christmas, routines often turn upside down and the days aren’t so predictable. This can be a real challenge for children with autism. And it’s something parents and carers need not feel stressed about. But I know from speaking to so many parents…

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Autistic children and bad habits


One of my worst habits is leaving things to the last minute. I’ve always done it… At school, I’d leave my homework until the last minute. When I started driving, I’d wait until way after the petrol light came on to fill up my car. When I woke up for work, I’d snooze my alarm…

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A fantastic website


Just wanted to send you a quick email today in case you were stuck on ideas of what to get your child for Christmas. A fantastic website was recommended to me a while back by a parent who has a son with autism… She wanted to help her son learn to self-regulate and become a…

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There’s something you should know about me…


There’s something you need to know about me… I’m just going to come out with it…I’m a little bit of Christmas fanatic. (Lie. I’m a total Christmas fanatic!) If I had my way our home would be a magical Christmas grotto now, but my partner Drew prefers the ‘classier, minimalistic decorations’. So we compromise. If…

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