Autistic children and bad habits


One of my worst habits is leaving things to the last minute.

I’ve always done it…

At school, I’d leave my homework until the last minute.

When I started driving, I’d wait until way after the petrol light came on to fill up my car.

When I woke up for work, I’d snooze my alarm until I’d have to jump out of bed and rush like a mad woman to catch my tube on time.

Every year I end up ‘stress wrapping’ my Christmas presents on Christmas eve.

And I always leave it until there’s only a teaspoon of milk left till I go and buy a new one.

All really bad habits.

You probably have some bad habits of your own?

But the thing is, having bad habits when it comes to raising children with autism can be totally detrimental to their development.

Most parents say they want their child to be independent. But a common bad habit I see with parents (myself included) is not allowing this to happen.

Let me give you an example…

Your child has finished their lunch. Usually, they like to have a yoghurt afterwards…

They are looking at you unsatisfied…

So, you go to the fridge and get them one…

Peel off the lid…

Put it in the bin…

Open the drawer…

Pick out their spoon.

Then hand them the yoghurt and spoon.

SUCH a common trap to fall in to.

So many opportunities for communication, decision making and independent life skills totally missed.

But one thing we often forget is that habits are just “regular practise, that’s hard to give up” ….

There’s nothing to say it HAS to be a bad one.

What good habits can you start to help your child become more independent?

Now, this won’t be easy…

We’re talking about undoing possibly years of following this bad habit…

But I can tell you that it’ll be worth it.

Helping autistic children become more independent is, in essence, what I do and I LOVE it, but it is hard work.

So I want you to know what you’re putting yourself up to.

It’s going to need your full attention, dedication and a lot of patience.

I’ve just created a new programme to support parents and carers every step of the way with this.

It will be launching very soon and it’s and it’s for any parents or carers who want my 1 on 1 support to help their autistic child thrive in every area of their development and therefore help them become independent later in life.

If you want to be one of the first to hear about it, click the link below and put yourself on the priority notification list.

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Speak with you soon, until then

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today…

Emma Ottaway

The Ambitious Autism Ambassador

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