Whilst at a festive dinner party…


Around this time last year I went to a dinner party…

There were 9 of us, all friends and family sat around a big table over indulging in delicious festive food and drink.

(One of my favourite things to do, ever!)

This particular event stuck in my memory and heres why…

Whilst I was there I got talking to one of the guests that I didn’t know so well, and I learnt that she had a teenage son with autism.

Sam casually explained “Yeah, he’s spent the past 24 hours, socialising with family and he just knew he wouldn’t be able to cope with another busy room of people, so he decided to sit this one out. He’ll just chill out in his room for the rest of the day now.”

What Sam said made me smile.

Particularly the words “He just knew…” stood out to me in what she said.

I don’t know about you, but many families I’ve met over the years worry whether their child will learn to self regulate and understand their own needs, or always rely on you.

It’s certainly a long journey.

Sam’s son hasn’t always been like this.

He hasn’t always understood his needs or been able to self regulate, in fact he was quite the opposite.

Like many children with autism, he relied on prompts from family and teachers to help prevent overloads or meltdowns.

I’ve worked on self regulation with pretty much every child I’ve worked with. So I know that it can seem like an uphill struggle.

Desperately trying to pick up the triggers that set off an overload of some kind…

Prompting your child to have a lie down, or jump on a trampoline or engage in messy play.

Giving continuous reminders and checking in to make sure your child is coping in a certain environment.

It can leave you feeling on edge yourself, and can be extremely draining.

So I wanted to share Sam’s son’s story with you…

Because it just shows that with a lot of hard work and patience, you can get results.

All of the checking in, prompting and communicating with your child does pay off.

If you’re a parent or carer who wants a little extra support to help your child learn important life skills like self-regulation, as well as helping your child develop well in all other areas then listen up…

In January I’m launching an exciting new programme for parents and carers with autistic children who want my 1 on 1 support and guidance to help their child overcome challenges and thrive in every area of their development.

If you want to be one of the first to hear about it, click the link below and put yourself on the priority notification list.

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Speak with you soon, until then

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today…

Emma Ottaway

The Ambitious Autism Ambassador

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