An irresistible distraction


Do you remember having hiccups as a child and your sibling or your friend jumping out at you to ‘scare them away?’

Or maybe once you hurt your leg and someone told you to hit the other leg to distract the pain.

Both concepts are pretty weird right?…

But never the less both things can actually work.

Creating a bold temporary change can be enough to distract you from what you’re feeling.

There’s a behaviour technique that works on the exact same principle as this…

I’ve used it with plenty of children on the spectrum, and it works almost every time.

Let’s say your child is really upset because something’s not going their way, but there’s nothing you can do to help. For example, they’re upset about a broken toy.

It’s broken beyond mend, they’re so upset, and anything you offer isn’t helping because they just want the impossible…

Their toy to be fixed, right now!

So imagine now amongst their cries and shouts they ask for their Nana. But their Nana isn’t there.

So you’re left in a situation where you’re going to have to tell them no again. But you know that by doing this they’re only going to get even more upset.

What do you do?

Well, this is when you give them a bold, irresistible distraction…

Go and get their favourite food and say… “You can’t have Nana, but you can have a pancake.”

Or “You can’t have Nana, but you can watch Dora.”

Whatever their number one favourite food, programme, toy or activity is… you offer them that right then.

It may just be the thing that neutralises their meltdown.

Snaps them out of it and allows them to focus on something else, even for a while.

Try it out and let me know how you get on.

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Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today

Emma Ottaway

The Ambitious Autism Ambassador

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