Why parents of children with autism should be a pain in the arse

We live in a world where most of us do or don’t do things because we worry about what other will think of us.

Whether it’s wearing a certain outfit.

Making a certain decision a work.

Going to an event we don’t want to go to.

Or agreeing to something we didn’t want to agree to.

I think at some point in our lives we’ve all done things like this.

And all because we worry…

We worry about coming across rude, or selfish or perhaps looking like a bad partner or parent.

Many parents with ASD children worry about looking like an annoying parent to their child’s school.

You may have felt like this too.

If your child has difficulties with communication it can be hard to know what your child gets up to at school and how they’re coping.

You may feel more and more frustrated everyday the school leave you in the dark, but…

You promised yourself you wouldn’t be that ‘pain in the arse parent’…

All because you’re worried about what the teachers might think of you.

Well I’m here to say … You should be ‘a pain in the arse’…

Because being a ‘pain in the arse’ parent means …

– Finding out what your child’s weaker areas so you can work on these at home

– Discovering what your child’s coping strategies are

– Learning how teachers support your child’s needs every day

– Knowing what topics your child is going to be learning, so you can give them a head start

– Finding out which parts of school your child struggles to access, and what you can do to help them

– Being told how your child copes at play times and what activities they get up to

– And discovering what your child is doing great at so you can reward them and celebrate it

So let me ask you know…

Do you want to be a ‘pain in the arse’ parent, so you can help your child get all the support deserve and progress as much as possible?

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Speak with you soon, until then

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today…

Emma Ottaway

The Ambitious Autism Ambassador

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