When life doesn’t go to plan!

Today marks 39 weeks into my pregnancy, a milestone I was SURE I wouldn’t make.

You see, weeks ago I was getting a lot of the ‘tell-tale’ signs of pre labour. And I was even getting abdominal cramps for hours at a time. So you can understand why I was convinced my son would come early…

Drew was convinced, my family were convinced, my friends were convinced, and my midwife was encouraging me to ‘get things ready’ just in case.

The excitement train had left the platform, and I was charging ahead of myself. Unbeknown to me that my child had no intention of making an appearance. Because three weeks later…

No baby!

But despite the disappointment, the heartburn, back ache, sleepless nights and general uncomfortableness of my beached whale like situation… I’m feeling calm and positive.

Scrap that; I’m choosing to feel calm and positive.

Because this one is out of my control…

No matter how much raspberry leaf tea, pineapples or curry I consume, my baby will come when he’s ready.

Sometimes life doesn’t go exactly to plan, and you have to change your thinking.

This happens all the time with the families I work with.

Some parents being SURE that their child will learn a certain skill in no time but months go by, and little progress has been made.

Maybe there’s been times when you’ve been SURE your child would cope in a new environment but it got all too much, and they proved you wrong and had a meltdown.

Perhaps you’ve been SURE they’d have a better understanding of how to express themselves by the time they were ten, but unfortunately things haven’t moved forwards.

The things is…

Children all develop and their own pace.

Yes, interventions (especially early intervention) can help speed things up… BUT ultimately if a child is not ready then it just ain’t happening.

And choosing to remain calm and positive is a great way to let yourself off the hook a bit, take any pressure off your child and enjoy the now.

That’s not to say give up on what you were working on with your child. Just take a break from it and pick it back up in a few weeks.

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Speak with you soon until then,

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today!

Emma Ottaway

The Ambitious Autism Ambassador