What’s your child’s incentive?

Over the years working on gross motor activities with children on the spectrum has always been quite challenging.

Sometimes because the children have weak muscle tone and its genuinely difficult for them to kick, throw or catch ect…

And sometimes because the children really do not see the point of throwing, catching or kicking.

And believe me, both of these reasons can be pretty tough to tackle.

Because the thing is, its not easy to make gross motor activities functional and “worth doing” for a child on the spectrum…

One way I found works really well is by creating a obstacle course and having a “reward” at the end for them.

Then the reward is their incentive, and with this the whole thing becomes functional for the child.

It’s pretty easy to set up too. Just gather together some fun resources, like different sized balls, cones, a hula hoop, some miniature bean bags – whatever you have around your house/garden.

Then create a simple course. Depending on what you’re working on, you may want to throw the beanbags into the hula hoop. Kick the ball into a net. Or perhaps dribble the ball between cones.

It’s really important that you make sure the obstacle course is…

  1. Not too long, 4 steps or so to begin with to ease your child into the new activity.
  2. Tailored to your child’s ability. If they find throwing difficult make sure you adjust how far they need to throw the ball/beanbag.
  3. Make sure you model the course first! Show them how it’s done so it’s clear what is expected of them.

When they’re doing the obstacle course give them lots of praise and encouragement along the way. And when they reach the end make sure you give them their reward straight away to reinforce their hard work!

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