What is a good representation of autism?

So last week it was Autism Awareness Day as you may have known, and I spent my morning with a great little boy who I’ve been working with for almost 2years now.

It was a particularly good morning because he was in his prime. He was focused, enthusiastic and talkative!

Everything I threw at him he was ready for and did so well.

And because I was on a high, I really wanted blog about this little boy and his journey.

But I quickly stopped myself…

I wondered whether he’d be a good representation of autism and whether a “success story” was what I should be sharing on Autism Awareness Day.

I mean, could all the other parents I help relate?

Because we all know that “success stories” take time, A LOT of work and they don’t happen all the time to everyone.

I thought about this some more and then I asked myself…

What actually is a “good representation” of autism?

The autistic spectrum is so vast and so complex that there is no ONE thing that represents autism.

Many parents I speak to feel that the media only ever document about “mild” or “high functioning” autism.

And I recently watched a clip on YouTube about autism and there was a comment from a parent who shared her frustration on the topic.

In reply to her, another parent explained it like this…

“There are so many faucets to autism that it would be impossible to document them all in one short film. I believe all parents, guardians, teachers and mentors should be working together to raise awareness of the varying and wide ranging challenges our loved ones face rather than getting upset because one video doesn’t relate to our personal experiences. Awareness needs to start somewhere and if you share your comments I’m sure that organisations and charities will take them on board to improve awareness.”

I just wanted to share that with you today because it inspired me and it’s true, awareness needs to start somewhere.

So, I’ll soon be blogging about the boy I worked with and his inspiring journey to raise awareness about what ASD children can achieve through early interventions.

How will you raise awareness?

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Speak with you soon, until then

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today…

Emma Ottaway

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