The highs and the lows with an autistic child

Today I’m going to talk about something most people don’t speak about when it comes to raising and teaching children with autism.

Something that, understandably, people would rather not share, discuss or dwell on.

But it was brought to my attention yesterday, so I thought it was important to air it out.

I’ll tell you why this topic came to my attention…

I received a leaving card from a client of mine and inside was a heart-felt goodbye message. In that message, the mum had written…

“Thank you for being there through the real highs AND the real lows….”

I know it would’ve been hard for this Mum to face, but it was true, in the two years I’d worked with her son there had definitely been highs but also lows.

Just like when you work on anything… with any child!

But it was her acknowledgement that I noticed.

Coming face to face with something, something you don’t particularly want to look at and just acknowledging it happened.

It’s not an easy thing to do. Like…

Acknowledging your child can be aggressive.

Acknowledging your child doesn’t eat a balanced diet.

Acknowledging your child has limited language.

Acknowledging your child can seem withdrawn.

Acknowledging your child struggles to make friends.

(Remember that these are temporary struggles! It doesn’t mean it will always be this way.)

There are heaps of personal development quotes and books that will tell you, the first step to acceptance, healing or progression is… ACKNOWLEDGMENT.

And I honestly believe that by acknowledging the highs and the lows you’re more likely to move on and progress with your child.

Acknowledgement can give a better understanding. You may begin to understand why your child reacts or behaves a certain way. And best of all give yourself a break, stop beating yourself up about it and move on!

Is there anything you need to acknowledge with your child to help you move on?

And once you’re ready to move on, do you know which way to go or what to do first?

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Speak with you soon until then,

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today

Emma Ottaway

The Ambitious Autism Ambassador