Surviving An Attack From A Wild Animal!

The other day I was at home having a rare quiet evening in to myself and I was flicking through the films on Netflix.

Now you know when you don’t know what type movie you want to watch but everything on offer seems to be rubbish… That’s was how I was feeling.

Comedy… No!

Action… No!

Thriller… No!


I wanted to give up.

Then something caught my attention….

I had scrolled down to “Children/ Family Movies” section and the first
movie on the list was “Tarzan” and it made me smile.Tarzan was the first movie I saw at the cinema with my dad and it was a particularly fond memory….

I was sat at an almost empty cinema with my dad one side of me,
my brother the other side with a gigantic box of popcorn separating us. We had our feet up on the chairs in front and we felt like kings!

The movie captivated me. (I often get very involved when I’m watching a good movie)

For anyone unaware of the story line (the animated version), Tarzan is a baby when his parents take him to Africa and whilst they’re there his parents are killed when a wild animal attacks them. But Tarzan survives. A family of gorillas then find Tarzan and raise him as one of their own. As Tarzan grows up and becomes lonely and he notices he is different to everyone around him. He soon finds some travellers in the jungle who are the first humans he had seen since he was a small baby. And eventually he discovers more and more others like him and he leaves Africa for America and shares his story.

It’s pretty emotional for a young child. (I thought so anyway!)

The feeling of being lonely and in someway different to others is a feeling I’m sure many people can relate to.

It’s often the exact way parents and carers of children with autism feel.




But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re reading this and thinking you feel like this sometimes, I want to tell you this….

You don’t need to feel different or isolated anymore. In the UK alone
1 in 100 people are diagnosed with autism and in America statistics are even higher. My clients have found that joining a support group helped them relieve a lot of their stress and worries regarding living with and raising their child.

If you also feel like you need to relieve your stress, anxiety and want to feel fully supported then join my “Autism Information And Advice Club” today to get insights, techniques and advice to support you with your autistic child. For full details click the link below…

Everyone has low points in life but now you don’t have to be there alone.


Until then,


Speak with you soon until then,


Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today!


Emma Ottaway

The Ambitious Autism Ambassador