Stop playing the waiting game!

So I’ve just had my 38-week antenatal appointment with my midwife.

This one had a real sense of excitement about it, since it’s my last appointment before my due date.

After I happily told my midwife about how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been up to since I last saw her, she turned to me and said…

“You’re all prepared then, and it’s just about waiting for him to come now. You’re good to go!”

I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach (not from my baby – his movements are like a force of nature now he’s so big!) …

I was smiling uncontrollably and fidgeting around on the sofa. I just can’t wait.

That’s the problem!

I’m playing the waiting game.

And boy, doesn’t time go by slowly when you’re doing that?

It’s like clock watching. You could’ve sworn you’d been watching the clock for half an hour, but only two tiny minutes have gone by.

Playing the waiting game is not fun!

Many parents and carers I’ve met over the years are all too familiar with this because they’re..

Waiting for their child to develop new language.

Waiting for their child to make friends.

Waiting for their child to manage their sensory needs.

Waiting for their child to express themselves.

Waiting for their child to try new foods.

Waiting for their child to bond or play with their siblings.

But not actually DOING anything about it.

These type of parents never ever get the outcome they want by just waiting.

Smart parents know these things take time and hard work from teachers, therapists, consultants, support workers… and themselves!

And these are the types of parents and carers I love working with.

The grafters, the energizer bunnies, the good to go’ers!

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Stop waiting and start doing!

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Oh, and FYI… I’m taking a leaf out of my own book and will be eating all the pineapples and spicy curry I can get my hands on to get our little man on his way!

Speak with you soon until then,

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today

Emma Ottaway

The Ambitious Autism Ambassador