Something to bear in mind with your autistic child.

Have you ever wondered why your child can have had their hearing checked, have no problems at all but still be so specific with what they respond to?

When I was a teenager my Dad always used to say that I had selective hearing, because he’d be constantly calling out “turn the music down!” to me, but he only ever had to call out “dinner time” once and I’d be there like a shot!

Do you feel like this with your child sometimes?

Well, a lot of the time children on the spectrum have difficulties with auditory processing.

And what this means is, they have problems with making sense of and prioritising what they hear.

So it’s important that you bear this in mind when you talk to your child and that you always…

Use language your child will understand.

Speak clearly.

Speak slowly.

Allow them time to try to understand what you’ve said before you repeat yourself.

And you use their name before you speak to them, to help gain their attention and let them know who you’re talking to.

Making these small and simple changes in the way you speak to your child could make a big positive difference in your child.

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Emma Ottaway
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