Parents are the real superhero’s


When I first meet people and tell them what I do for a living a lot of the time they say stuff like…

“Wow that must be so rewarding.”

“I bet that’s a really challenging job”

“Good for you!”


“How admirable!”

And although I don’t disagree with all of their points, I am sort of treated like some kind of superhero for it.

But the real “superhero’s” are the parents of the children I work with!

The parents that put in the hours of hard work, sit through the meltdowns, dust themselves off after a setback and keep on going…

These people are amazing, and I don’t say that enough.

Doing something you know you probably shouldn’t or giving in to your child “for an easy life” is SO easy to do…

And don’t get me wrong we all do it at times. I always say “pick your battles” when it comes to working with and raising children with ASD…

But, it’s the families that work at those tough things, like working on social interaction with your child….

Or consistently encouraging your child to communicate independently…

Or working through a difficult behaviour…

It’s the families that work at these big things ALL THE TIME that see results in their child.

So today I just wanted to commend these parents and carers and encourage you guys to keep on going!

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Speak with you soon until then,

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today

Emma Ottaway