Out of ideas with your autistic child?

I recently had a difficult 1:1 session with one of my clients and since a lot of experts only talk about the positives I thought I would be different and share my experience…

From the moment I arrived Tom wasn’t his usual self. His usual routine of meeting me at the door didn’t happen and I could hear him shouting from the hall way.

His mum told me he’d not had much sleep last night, so wasn’t in the best of moods.

With this in mind, I began with some ‘wake up’ activities… and let me tell you, Tom was not a fan!

His eyes were glazed over, he was sat slumped forwards and his lips were sealed. I looked at me like I was crazy for trying to get him involved in this.

After a few failed activities, I took him out to the trampoline in his garden. Tom loved being on the trampoline and it would be a great sensory activity to wake him up and help him feel more alert…

Or so I thought… not today!

Tom dropped to the floor at the trampoline entrance onto his knees, then flopped his body forwards with his head on the ground…

Tom was in a perfect ‘child’s pose’ yoga position!

Not exactly what I’d planned.

I decided to get out some of his most favourite toys and snacks and let him choose something he could work for. But even after seeing these, he was not engaging.

And I’ll be honest with you, I felt bad.

I felt helpless…

Out of ideas…

And just like Tom, exhausted.

A feeling I guess most parents and carers with autistic children feel some of the time.

When you go and try to interact with your child but they are totally disinterested and unengaged.

It hurts doesn’t it?

Have you felt as though you’ve tried everything and you’re out of ideas?

Feeling defeated and even useless?

Well I’m here to say, it’s ok to feel like that.

No one gave you a manual, no ones there coaching you. I get it.

And the members of ‘The Unlimited Autism Success Inner Circle’ get it too.

Parents and carers alike have joined my inner circle to because they want to work on things like engagement, social skills and communication with their children.

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Until then,

Speak with you soon until then,

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today!

Emma Ottaway