One autistic boy and his jacuzzi.

Over the weekend I was talking to the parents of one of the boys I work 1:1 with. They had recently been on a long weekend away with their son Isaac.

They told me all about their challenges with Isaac on the journey there…

Then all about how he loved running in the open space…

About how relieved they were for bringing their own food for him, because he refused to eat anything there…

About how well he slept in his new environment…

Then they both looked at each other smiling and said “Then there was the jacuzzi!”…

Isaac’s mum and dad went on to tell me how they’d discovered a Jacuzzi in one of the pool areas where they were staying…. And Isaac was delighted.

“He was like a different child!” His dad said … “He just sat still, he was so calm, he loved it!”

And because of their discovery, they decided to take Isaac for some ‘jacuzzi time’ every morning of their holiday….

And every day they noticed how much calmer Isaac was and how his challenging behaviours had improved…

All because his sensory needs were being met from his ‘jacuzzi time’…

I noticed the happy tone of the conversation had now disappeared and Isaac’s parents were no longer smiling.

“If only we could have a jacuzzi in our house hey!” Isaac’s dad said to me, with a fed up look on his face.

“That’s the thing, the things that help Isaac are always so expensive and impractical.” His mum added.

I decided to jump in at this point and suggest some other inexpensive and homemade sensory resources for Isaac.

Now, I’m sure that it’s not only Isaac’s parents that feel this way about sensory resources, so I thought I’d share my suggestions with you….

Sensory bottles
Mini trampoline
Space hopper
Glitter tubes
Vibrating cushion
Rope/ tire swing
Scooter board
Home made play dough
Shaving foam
Bubble bath with salts (organic or homemade)

These are all great inexpensive sensory resources, some of which you can even make at home with your child.

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Speak with you soon, until then

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today…

Emma Ottaway

The Ambitious Autism Ambassador

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