New year, new me!

Seeing as I’ve started with the theme of “new year” I thought I’d carry on with it.

Something you see a lot of throughout January is the phrase “New year, new me!”…

I generally see this phrase being used about diet, health or body image. And there’s nothing wrong with striving to have a healthier lifestyle…


Usually, the “new year, new me” people set huge great goals for themselves that even the healthiest person may struggle to maintain.

You know, things like…

· Go to the gym every morning before work

· Cut out all biscuits and crisps

· Only drink one glass of wine on weekends

· Go for a run on Saturday mornings

· Cut out carbohydrates

And because of these unrealistic goals, they are pretty much setting themselves up to fail…

And no one wants to fail!

But it’s still something that happens all the time at the beginning of a new year.

And parents and carers of children with autism do this too. For example, they’ll have the aim to get their child eating fruit and vegetables with every meal by the end of February.

And there are two things wrong with this type of giant goal…

1. It’s too vague or unrealistic in the set time frame

2. There’s no real plan to achieve it

If you want to work on something giant, go for it! I totally respect and encourage that, whether it be with your child or your personal life…

BUT.. if you don’t have a plan to get there…. How are you going to do it? Where will you start?

In my book ‘A Guide To Unlimited Autism Success’ I give exactly this… guides and templates to follow that will help you achieve these giant goals with your child.

Inside you’ll find strategies to manage challenging behaviour, to teach and encourage new language, to cope with new environments, sensory sensitivities and loads more.

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Speak with you soon until then,

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today!

Emma Ottaway