How to get away with murder

I’ve had a long time to think about it,

And I now I know exactly how I’d do it.

I know exactly how I’d get away with it.

I know who’d I’d get to be my false alibi (this is harder than you’d think because not only do you need to find someone willing to potentially lie for you, but you also need them to be able to take the pressure on the stand) …

I even know who’d I’d pin the crime on to take attention away from me.

My partner Drew and I have been watching a new box set on Netflix called “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Without completely ruining the plot for you… It’s about a group of lawyers who… well, you guessed it! Help people get away with murder (including themselves at points).

It’s one of those shows where you think you’ve got it all worked out, then comes another dark twist to the story.

It’s a great show, and now I’m hooked!

Anyway… it got me thinking about how I’d do it.

I get really into shows like this, as you can tell!

Drew and I were actually up late the other night discussing how we’d get away with murder!

And then it struck me…. Murder trials are similar to raising and working with autistic children.

I know you’re probably thinking I’m loosing my mind here, but hear me out!…

It’s the defendant (you and your child) VS the prosecutor (your biggest challenges with your child)

And you’re both trying to convince the jury (society, schools and anyone else who feels the need to judge), the truth about what your autistic child is capable of and deserves.

There’s no right or wrong, just a winner and a loser…

And the one who wins is simply the one with the most convincing version of the truth.

Think about this.

You tell the Jury your child should be treated fairly, encouraged the same as any other child, be given time to grasp complex skills and remain in a mainstream school …

The prosecutor (your child’s biggest challenges) shows the tough behaviour, the meltdowns, the stimming, the times they haven’t coped with the routine, the parts of the curriculum they can’t access, the gap in your child’s social understanding.

You tell the Jury they have the right to succeed as much as any other child … The prosecutor tells them they can’t manage your child’s needs.

You tell the Jury your child would respond much better with 1:1 support in school… The prosecutor tells them they don’t have the time or funding for this.

There’s no right or wrong, just a winner and a loser…

And the winner is the one with the best evidence!

And that’s where your hard work comes in.

In the “autism courtroom”, evidence takes the form of the proven strategies and techniques you can use to help manage child’s behaviour and needs.

If you’re a parent with the best/ most successful strategies and coping methods, you and your child win.

You win an onboard and supportive school.

You win a more relaxed family household.

You win a deeper understanding of your child’s needs.

You win your child developing new skills.

You win a happier and more fulfilled family life.

If you need a helping hand to win all of these things, then join the ‘Unlimited Autism Success Inner Circle’ today…

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Speak with you soon until then,

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today

Emma Ottaway

The Ambitious Autism Ambassador