Helping your autistic child

In yesterday’s email, I talked about the difficulties children with autism have with “paying attention”…

Now that you understand why it can be so challenging for autistic children to “pay attention” to you let’s think about some of the ways you can help your child develop this skill.

Here is a list of things you should consider;

– First up, check that your child has everything they need to concentrate on the task. For example, if they need colouring pencils to complete their homework, have them out ready along with any other resources you’ll need.

– If you’re set on using the phrase “pay attention” then make sure you’ve clearly explained what this means to your child so that they understand what is expected of them.

– Think about situations where you can show your child the importance of using visual concentration skills. This is best done in the natural environment. For example, keeping your eyes on the road when driving, looking at the paper when colouring in a picture or looking at your cup when you pour a drink.

– Look at how you can reduce their visual distractions. Are you working by a window or at a cluttered table?

– Now do the same by reducing any obvious auditory distractions. Is a nearby window open or is the TV loud from the next room?

– Start small. Depending on your child’s needs, you may want to begin with a few minutes of this and build up your expectation over time.

– Finally, when they start managing their distractions make sure you acknowledge this and praise them for their progress.

Good luck with these strategies, let me know how you get on. Don’t forget to be consistent with your approach and your hard work WILL pay off…

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