Facing the same challenges with your autistic child

I’ve always been a goal setting type of person, even from a young age, so setting goals at the beginning of a new year just feels like the right thing to do for me.

Although I set goals for all areas of my life, my work goals always seem one of the most exciting.

I love looking at the progress my clients have made over the year and working out which new areas we can work on.

Now I am painting a pretty lovely picture right now, but in reality, it isn’t ALL breakthroughs and progression.

There are always some tough challenges and areas that didn’t exactly progress the way I’d hoped.

And when I sit down to think about what I need to work on next, I’ve often faced these same challenges again.

For example, for one particular child I’m working with, engaging with other children is an ongoing uphill struggle.

And it can feel disheartening when you realise that your child hasn’t achieved a certain goal or overcome a certain challenge in a whole year…

It may feel depressing for you to be faced with this again in January 2017.

But with anything in life, it takes hard work to overcome challenges.

Something I do when I’m faced with an ongoing challenge with a client is review what I’ve worked on already.

I think reviewing old goals and how they worked out is a great way of setting new realistic ones for the coming year.

Make a quick list of the things you’ve tried so far. If you can remember any extra details or when you used a technique that’s even better.

See if you can recognise a pattern of any kind. For example, did you use too much language? Was this always a problem at the end of the day? Did your child have the understanding at the time?

And another thing…

Don’t be afraid to go back and try these techniques again. As your child matures they may grasp a better understanding of what you’re asking of them.

If you’re out of ideas and want some new tips on how to work on tough challenges like;

· Encouraging friendships

· Communicating more at home or school

· Managing aggressive behaviours

· Overcoming sensory sensitivities

· Promoting independence

In my book “A Guide To Unlimited Autism Success” I share strategies to work on all the above and more.

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Speak with you soon until then,

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today!

Emma Ottaway