Don’t be a drop out!

Something my midwife keeps asking me at the moment is “Have you been swimming?”…

She says swimming is the perfect exercise in the third trimester as it takes the weight off your body and exercises crucial muscles for birth.

And I am trying…Honestly, I am!

It’s just that, since Christmas, my gym has been so busy with everyone on their “new year, new body” regime, so the pool is overcrowded which makes the whole thing far from relaxing.

So I decided to leave it a while, and I went back yesterday.

And guess what… the pool was practically empty. Just one guy in the pool, leaving the rest for me and my bump!

It was bliss.

And what’s more, when I looked through the large glass window into the main gym floor… that was almost empty too!

What a difference two weeks make!

Already the January 1st keen beans had given up, dropped out, and thrown in the towel.

Only the serious and dedicated gym goers where left.

I thought it was a pretty good metaphor for life. Because it’s the same with lots of things isn’t it?

If you’re up for the challenge, willing to put the work in and dedicated to your goal, no matter what it is, you’ll keep going.

Unlike the mid-January drop outs at the gym.

So if you’re a parent or carer who is dedicated to helping your autistic child, whether it be…

Supporting your child in their communication…

Understanding their needs so you can manage their behaviour better…

Working on them eating a more balanced diet…

Taking your child on more outings…

The ‘Unlimited Autism Success Inner Circle’ has been designed exactly for you!

You’ll get ongoing support and step by step guides to help you work through and overcome some of your toughest challenges.

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Until then,

Speak with you soon until then,

Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today!

Emma Ottaway