Do you wish you knew why?

It is very rare that I come across a family who’s autistic child who has no problems at all with their diet or digestive system.

In fact I can count on one hand the amount of times this has happened in 7 years.

By this I mean, eating and digesting a balanced healthy diet.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you the answers to why this is…

But one thing I do know, is that whatever the problem, you need to deal with it in a way that works best for your child …

Whether you decide to put your child on a special diet, use medication, herbal remedies or put an intervention in place it needs to work for your child.

And one way of making sure you’re doing the right thing is by testing and monitoring it.

A lot of the time I speak to parents who’s child is going through a period where they’re really engaged or speaking much more. And they often say to me…

“I wish I knew why.”

The fact is life can get in the way sometimes and you can easily forget to monitor things with your ASD children.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of your time…

Grab some paper and draw out a chart, along the top of the columns write “Sleep” , “Activities” , “Exercise” , “Sensory input”, “Diet” “General Behaviour” and “Speech”…

Now when you start a new programme, diet, medicine ect spend a few minutes each day (for at least a fortnight) to make some notes in each column on your chart.

This is just one really effective way of tracking what changes you’re seeing in your child, without having to rely your memory or take too much time out of your day.

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Live every moment, Love beyond words and make a difference today…

Emma Ottaway

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